Jetpack blocks

Jetpack adds a number of blocks to the new editor. For example this is the markdown block. You can show text in italics by wrapping it around asterisks or in bold by wrapping it around double asterisks. Alternatively you can strike text through or display inline code. It doesn’t stop there though. The markdown syntax is quite comprehensive. Use this cheatsheet to get started.

Tiled gallery block

The Tiled Gallery has been around in Jetpack for quite a while but earlier you had the option of replacing the core gallery shortcode. With the new block editor you can choose between either of them.

Slideshow block

The slideshow block works similar to a gallery but instead of showing a grid of images it allows you to slide full sized images. You can choose between slide and fade effect for the images and there’s also an autoplay option.

Image Compare block

Spring and autumn

The Image Compare block allows you to compare two images with the help of a slider. You can choose between comparing images side by side or above and below. By adding a caption you can describe what you are comparing.

Latest Instagram Posts block

The Latest Instagram Posts block lets you connect to your Instagram account and display your latest post. You can choose how many rows and columns to display in the grid and whether to stack it on mobile.

Contact Form block

With the Contact Form block visitors can send you messages. You can show several field types such as date pickers or checkboxes, making it possible to use it as so much more than just a contact form.

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