Stone Knitted Top

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Lightweight stone colored women’s top knitted from pure high quality lambswool. Wear the collar rolled down over the shoulders or roll it up in a turtleneck. The slim leisurely fit pairs perfectly with a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers.

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20 × 10 × 4 in

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5'10" wearing a size Medium

4 reviews for “Stone Knitted Top”

Emma Jansen

The material feels very comfortable on the skin. You can tell by touching it that it is of great quality. I love the design design: minimalist and unassuming, yet elegant and visually pleasant.

Monica Sanchez

Ordered mine last week and it arrived today. It fits perfectly and looks great. Can’t wait to wear it next time I go out!

Malia Young

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Raven Carter

I got this as a birthday gift and it was just what I was missing in the coming season.

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