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      Tien Nguyen

      Lately I’ve been doing repeated runs to the print shop only to have one or two pages printed so I though it would be more useful to buy my own printer. What printer do you guys recommend for home use? I print a few pages a week and don’t need color.

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      Robert Clark

      Before you look at specific models you should decide between laser and inkjet. Laser printers print faster but are more expensive. Inkjet printers are cheaper but waster more ink so the costs will be higher in the long term. Personally I recommend you buy a laser printer since they are also more accurate for black on white text documents than the inkjet ones.

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      Megan Taylor

      You didn’t specify a budget. They can range in price anywhere from $50 to over $1000. For a monochrome home printer $100 – $150 is a healthy range.

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      Emily Brown

      They are all pretty bad so just pick the one that delivers the fastest and doesn’t have too expensive ink cartridges.

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      Tien Nguyen

      Thanks everybody for your answers. I went for the first laster printer under $150 from the best seller list.

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Emma Jansen

There is no specific way to reset a Mac to factory settings. If you erase its hard drive and reinstall the operating system it should be good to go. Just remember to sign out of iCloud otherwise it will remain locked to your account.

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