Finance App Template

We slowly learn, even before we get our first job, to manage our finances from allowances and paychecks, to keep an eye on what we spend and what we save up on regardless of whether or not we have a plan for these savings. But numbers can get tricky sometimes and we find that apps are the easiest way to manage all of them.

This is Delicious Baking, a finance mobile app concept template design created by Dlyte. Presented as a Sketch file, this freebie includes an overview and an activity page, allowing users to easily check out how much they need to save and for what. And they can also see their net balance with a clean presentation, in addition to their goals. When a goal is front and center, it’s always reachable, and with this design, users can choose what their next move is and prepare for it by checking out their current balance, their goal, and the amount needed per week.